Vaccine Injections Don’t Have To Be Painful

vaccineNew Canadian research shows that vaccine injections given to kids doesn’t have to be painful.

Scientists analyzed data from 71 studies involving 8,050 children to determine an effective physical, psychological and pharmacologic strategies to reduce vaccine injection pain in children.

Professor Anna Taddio of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and an adjunct scientist and pharmacist at SickKids, lead author of the overview, says  that pain of vaccinations influences how people make choices in health care. It’s a problem to let kids suffer when they actually don’t have to.

Research team aim to empower parents to be informed about managing their kid’s pain and encourages parents to discuss different strategies with their child’s health care professionals.

If parents are aware of how to manage their kid’s vaccination pain, it can go long way towards reducing the lifetime burden of injection pain.

Source: University Of Toronto


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