Vaccinate All Children, Caution Parents

Lana Ameen, a little three year old girl recently died from Swine Flu and her bereaved parents are now calling upon other parents to vaccinate all little children against the potentially deadly infection and give them the Swine Flu Vaccine.

child vaccineAccording to the parents who are themselves doctor and nurse respectively, price of not vaccinating a child against Swine Flu is just too high.

They feel that everyone, in particular children should be given the swine flu shot.

Little Lana became ill on Christmas Eve, when the family was visiting relative out of town. That night she was diagnosed with an infection at hospital and sent home.

The next day she seemed to recover somewhat but the hope of the parents was dashed when the three year old started to have seizures. The little girl died two days later.

According to some experts, flu vaccine should be administered to all those children above the age of six months, who are seen as being high risk and not others. However these bereaved parents are calling upon all babies to be offered the vaccination.


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