Types of Probiotics for Infants

If you are interested in the types of probiotics for infants most probably you know that the probiotics are bacteria that have an important role to play in the digestive processes.

The babies are born with few probiotics and so they could have different kinds of digestive problems.


BioGaia Probiotic Drops

The company BioGaia is a well-known probiotics producer which offers probiotics for all age groups. According to the producer, the products come with L. reuteriprotectis. These are probiotic bacteria known to be effective and safe for small children.

The studies show that in case of colicky babies the probiotics helped reducing the time spent by babies crying from 159 minutes a day to only 51. All the parents have to do is to add the probiotics drops to the formula of the little one.

Udo’s Choice

This is a supplement of different types of probiotics for infants. In fact, it is a mixture of seven different probiotics. According to an independent study, these probiotics can work wonders for the digestive health of the babies.

It is a known fact regarding the probiotics kinds for infants that both the formula fed babies and those born by C-section have few probiotics in their systems. This probiotic comes with all the necessary bacteria for the baby to have a healthy and happy childhood.

Enflora LGG

When it comes to the types of probiotics for infants it is good to know that this is an infant formula that has been especially created for the colicky babies. It is meant to make up for the lack of LGG in babies or lactobacillus rhamnosus GG.

The studies conducted regarding the different infants’ probiotics types show that this combination of bacteria is beneficial for the digestive health of the babies and they can help with other health problems as well, besides the obvious crying problem of colicky babies.

Although some parents are reluctant about thinking of types of probiotics for infants, the truth is that these products are natural, so there are no side effects to be afraid of. However, it is best to talk to a pediatrician before giving anything of the sort to the little one, just to make sure that the parents won’t do more harm than good by offering probiotics to their babies.


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