Toy Safety Tips For Parents

baby toyThere have been several instances of a young baby getting into a risky situation because he played with a toy meant for a child older than him.

All discerning parents are well aware of the dangers inherent in allowing a small child to play with toys that have sharp edges or small parts that can be taken apart and swallowed.

These are some safety tips for parents to keep their baby safe:

  • Always look for the warning labels that are printed on the package that the toy has come in. If the manufacturer has stated clearly that the toy is not meant for children younger than three, then do not give the toy to your young child.
  • Never buy toys [baby toys] for your child that are not meant for his age, even if you do think that he is overly bright for his age and would be able to do justice to this new advanced toy. The risks are far greater than the benefits when an unsuitable toy is offered to a young child who may hurt himself badly with it.
  • If a toy had broken, make sure that you throw it away without hesitation. A broken toy may have sharp edges and loose parts that your curious baby will try to swallow.
  • Do not put any toys into your baby crib; the choking hazard is rather high at this stage. Similarly, make sure that there are no loose strings lying around in your baby’s crib, as these may pose an even larger danger to your baby.
  • Make sure that there are no magnets near your baby; if ingested these can cause great harm.
  • Soft toys may look cute and cuddly, but you must always make sure that the stuffed toys your baby plays with are tightly sewn, and that there are no loose strings or hair or parts of the stuffing hanging out. Your baby will most probably suck on the soft toys and loose hair and stuffing will lead to danger when they are swallowed.
  • If at all possible, encourage your baby to play with one toy at a time. This will enable you to keep a wary eye on what he is playing with, and minimize the dangers and risks of your baby playing with loose parts, and ingesting parts that have fallen out of the toys he plays with.


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