Tips for Fire Safety for Kids

It is a known fact that children like to grab everything that they can reach and this is why the parents have to be extra careful especially when it comes to tips for fire safety for kids. It is important to educate children to avoid unnecessary problems and accidents.

Lighters and Matches

The parents have to teach children never to play with matches or lighters. They also have to tell them that in case they see lighters or matches that they could reach, they should tell immediately a grown up so that they would take them away.

Smoke Detectors

Make sure that you install smoke detectors on every floor of your home. Sometimes people install them only on one floor. Once you have them, you should show them to the children so that they will know that they are safe.

Tips for Fire Safety for Kids

Testing The Smoke Detectors

Keep in mind that it’s not enough to have smoke detectors. It is best to test them every month to make sure that they are working. At the same time, use this opportunity to make the kids familiar with the sound and what they must do if they hear the alarm.

The Batteries

Although you don’t have to change the batteries too often, in the interests of fire safety for kids, you should know that it is best to change them  you change the clock for Daylight Savings. Also, it is important to switch the old batteries with brand new ones.


The parents should know that children have a tendency of hiding in case of a fire instead of running outside. This is something you should discuss with the little one. Although it is scary, they should never hide under the bed or in closets but should get outside as soon as possible.

Fall and Crawl

In case of a fire, children should know that it is important for them not to inhale smoke. For this they should get on the ground and crawl out of the house. Also, before opening a door they should test it whether it’s hot or not.

Sometimes the tips for fire safety for kids may seem useless. Every one hopes that their kids never have to face this situation. But in case there is a fire in your house, following these tips and educating your children about the rules of fire safety for kids can save their lives.


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