8 Things to Avoid during the First 3 Months of your Newborn

It doesn’t matter how many websites you refer to, how many books you read or how many times you have been a baby sitter for your dear ones, nothing makes you feel the reality of being a new mother and the struggles involved in the same.

Although there are a lot of books which tell you what to do during your pregnancy, there are very few articles or books that are written on how you should proceed after you have given birth. The first three months after giving birth to a new born are the most crucial and you need to take good care of yourself as well as your baby at the same time. You cannot let any weakness or flu infect you since it will have a direct effect on your little one.

New mothers tend to ignore their needs the most in order to fulfil their role as a mother. But there are a few things that you must take care of no matter what. Self-ignorance can be harmful for both the mother and the child.

8 Things to Avoid during the First 3 Months of your Newborn

Eat well

It is okay if you don’t eat thrice a day but make sure to keep yourself full of energy all the time. Make sure you eat enough so that you don’t faint. It is important for you to keep yourself healthy in order to keep your child healthy.

Prenatal vitamins are important

Understand the importance of prenatal vitamins. Many women tend to ignore prenatal vitamins. Your body requires more vitamins to recover after giving birth and hence you must take care of your body needs more than before.

Restrict visitors for a while

Family and relatives are more excited to meet the little one after you have given birth than meeting you. Most of the times they forget to care about your needs and personal time you need to rejuvenate yourself for the day’s struggle. Try to avoid meeting people in the beginning so that you can recover fast and take care of your baby without stress and disturbance.


Sleep when required and when needed. Don’t drain yourself. It is very important to save your energy to take care of the baby chores.

Breastfeed with patience

Breast feeding can be tough in the beginning. Be patient with it. Don’t rush your baby towards it. Your baby and you are going to take a little time to adjust with it but if you take it slow then it will all fall into place.


Start exercising. Take a little time out to stretch and bend your body. It will give you the energy and flexibility you need.

Take care of your vagina

Make sure your vaginal area remains clean and hygienic since it is prone to infection post giving birth.

It’s okay to take help

It gets tough to manage everything single handedly. Make sure you get help from a friend or a family member whenever you need it.


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