Study Links Between Preterm Birth And Autism

pre term birthA recent US study looking at children born more than 3 months prematurely provided fresh evidence on link between pre-term birth and autism.

According to researchers, Children who are born prematurely were about 2 to 3 times more likely to show signs of autism at age 2 as measured in a standard screening tool when compared to other children.

Referring to the group of developmental problems, autism is actually related with several developmental problems in children and hence known as autism spectrum disorders that appear in early childhood. Affected children can experience difficulty to communicate and interacting with others.

The main causes of autism are unclear and many experts believe that genetic and environmental factors are main causes for autism.

Dr. Karl Kuban of Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center, who led the study, says that the increased risk for autism indicated in premature children may not be due to the reason that they’ve born prematurely.

Rather, the main causes for autism are more responsible for causing autism in prematurely born kids and these particular autism triggers may be responsible for premature birth in children.

Read more at Reuters


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