Strange Baby Sounds and What Do They Mean

The gurgles and sounds made by a new born are very endearing to hear. Sometimes however, the baby may make sounds that are strange to your ears.

These sounds may mean nothing or they could be indications of physical problems. It is essential for new parents to be able to distinguish between them and act accordingly.

Baby SoundsAs you savor some quiet time with your little one, pay close attention to its breathing. Do so when the baby is healthy.

You will be able to ascertain the number of breaths the baby takes per minute, usually around 70. You will also be able to recognize the natural rhythm of the baby’s breathing.

Any irregularity in your baby’s breathing should be easy to notice if you are familiar with its normal breathing. If the baby makes whistling noises when breathing, it could simply mean that there is a small blockage in their nose or breathing passage.

Suctioning it out will help restore normal breathing. A barking cough or hoarse cry would mean blockage in the larynx. Deep raspy sounds when breathing could be due to the soft tissues of the trachea giving no cause of concern.

Fast labored breathing could mean fluid in alveoli, the smallest breathing passage and this could indicate pneumonia.

You need to seriously worry if the breathing rate is continuously higher than normal and if breathing seems to require an effort from the baby.

The baby may grunt while breathing, the nostrils will flare or the chest movements while breathing are deeper than normal, all these are signs of exertion and they are not good.

When the symptoms come in the company of lethargy, poor feeding and fever it could spell trouble and you need to meet your medical practitioner immediately.

There may be many changes in your baby’s breathing and the sounds it makes while breathing, but they are of little concern until they persist or are in collaboration with the distress signals described above.


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