Side Effects of Probiotics for Infants

It is a well-known fact that the intestinal tract of humans is filled with bad bacteria. Their effects are balanced by the presence of good bacteria. When thinking about the side effects of probiotics for infants, you should remember that this balance is very delicate.

Lactobacillus infection

Some of the specialists are concerned about the use of lactobacillus as probiotics especially in case of young children who still have a weak immune system.

This also applies in the case of children with diabetes or HIV and the ones with short bowel syndrome because they have high chances of developing lactobacillus infection.

Side Effects of Probiotics for Infants

When thinking about the negative effects of children’s probiotics you should remember that the children who are on medication are more likely to develop a lactobacillus infection. It is best if the parents talk to their pediatricians before offering lactobacillus to their baby.


According to one of the studies regarding the side effects of probiotics for infants, the babies who have ulcerative colitis should not be given probiotics. This is a condition affecting the large intestines that leads to fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea. In this case, the probiotics can cause serious diarrhea attacks.

In case you are thinking about the children’s probiotics side effects, you should know that in this case it is really dangerous to offer the child probiotics that include Saccharomicescerevisiae because this makes the diarrhea even worst. Again, it is best if you talk to your doctor.

Fungal infection

According to some other studies regarding side effects of probiotics for infants, the children who have several kinds of health conditions should avoid taking probiotics. This is because there is the possibility of them being affected by a fungal infection.

The adverse effects of children probiotics could be more than serious, especially if the immune system of the child has been compromised. If your child happens to have diabetes, you should mention this to your doctor and ask for his or her advice regarding giving the child probiotics.

Generally speaking the side effects of probiotics for infants shouldn’t be serious. However before giving the children probiotics you should consider the possible health problems that they could have and the fact that sometimes probiotics do more harm than good. This is why before you give anything to the little one you should discuss it with a specialist to make sure that you are doing the right thing.


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