Safety Tips For Your Crawling Baby

crawling babyUntil today, it was easy to look after your baby; he was lying down in one place and was not mobile.

However, now that he has discovered mobility: he can crawl now, the world has become an exciting place for him, full of things that he has to discover for himself, taste, feel, smell, see and experience.

This is the time when all parents have to be extra vigilant. A crawling baby can get into all kinds of tight situations, and your home has to be made ‘crawling baby safe’ so that you may be able to enjoy him more as he moves around excitedly.

Your baby may empty out your entire rack of CD’s, which had been at floor level, or he may try to pull on to the wastebasket so that he can sit up or stand.

The wastebasket may tip over, causing your baby to fall, or on the other hand, it may contain dangerous items that may seem extremely attractive to your exploring baby, and he may want to taste them.

You as a parent will have to have an eye peeled out for the dangers around your baby, so that you may be able to prevent unwarranted mishaps. [Infant safety]

Here are some tips for you:

  • Make sure that all electrical outlets are kept well protected with safety caps. This will prevent your baby from inserting things into the points and suffering electrical shock.
  • Make sure all electric cords are well out of reach of your baby’s inquisitive hands. If he pulls on an unsecured cord, he may bring the lamp down on himself.
  • Make sure the floor is kept scrupulously clean at all times; you never know what your baby will find. Remove all small choking hazards and poisonous materials.
  • If you have a staircase that your baby is unbearably attracted to, then invest in safety gates for the landings at the bottom and top. Keep these safety gates locked at all times, and if your baby wants to crawl up the stairs on his own, let him, but make sure you stay right behind him; never leave him alone on the stairs.

Remember; ‘baby proofing’ your home and the baby’s environment is extremely essential, not only for his safety, but also for your mental peace and well being.

Otherwise, you may end up having to say “NO” to everything that he wants to do, thereby unnecessarily curtailing your baby’s natural desire to explore and find things on his own.


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