Road Safety Tips for Children

Road safety is important for everyone and especially for children.  It is always good to be aware of road safety tips and points because one little mistake on the road can cost us our lives or injure us greatly.

It is also important to teach children about road safety from the very beginning so that they can be safe whenever they are on the road or near it.  For the reference of all, the following are some of the important road safety tips for children:

Road Safety Tips for Children

On the Pavement

One should teach kids and children about the following given on the pavement safety tips:

  • Children should hold the hand of their parents or an elder while walking on the pavement.
  • Children should always be aware of hidden entrances or driveways while walking on the pavements.
  • Children should walk on the inner side of the pavement, away from the traffic while walking on the pavement.
  • The most important tip for walking on the pavement for a child is that a child must never go alone on the pavement and should be accompanied with an elder person.

Crossing the Road

The following are some of the tips which children should follow while crossing the road:

  • Children must choose the safest place to cross the road and should try and cross the road from the zebra line or a similar marking.
  • Children must never cross the road on their own and should be accompanied with an elder or a family member.
  • The child must also know the right time of crossing the road.
  • A child must never cross a road if they can’t see the far end of that road.
  • A child must pay full attention while crossing the road and should not be distracted by a toy or any other similar thing.
  • A child must always first look left and then right while crossing the road.
  • One should always carefully listen to the traffic sound while crossing the road and pay full concentration.

Pedestrian Cross

One must pay attention while crossing a pedestrian as well. The following are some of the tips for children

  • A child must always pay attention to the sound of the traffic while crossing a pedestrian.
  • He/she should look in all directions and only cross when the road is clear of any traffic.
  • Zebra line must be used during pedestrian crossing.


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