Relaxing Baby Massage For Your Baby

Baby MassageBaby massage is one of the most satisfying and loving activities that you can share with your baby.

Most of the mothers use baby massage as a part of baby care.

It is a brilliant way to enhancement the parent-infant relationship and provides your baby an enjoyable form of motivation that will improve your baby’s overall development.

There are no hard and fast rules for baby massage, other than to make sure you are doing it safely. You and your baby will find out together what works best for you both.

In today’s world, parents have heavy workloads and both their jobs and at home which can directly affect quality time spent with children. Baby massage provides a host of emotional and physical benefits for both you and your baby.

Preparation for baby massage:

  • You have to choose a moment in which you and your baby are relaxed and calm. Massaging can be suggested a half hour after the baby has eaten.
  • Make sure that the room temperature is warm i.e. about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Undress the baby completely, if the weather is cold then cover the areas of the baby that are not being massaged.
  • Put your baby on a smooth surface so that the baby will feel comfortable and secure.
  • Baby massage can be done from the head to the toes. With soft and gentle touches you will work on the head, face, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach and legs.
  • While performing baby massage look kindly at your baby. Talk freely with your baby.
  • Don’t forget that your touches should be gentle.
  • If the baby wants to change the position let them do so. Do not force your baby to keep a position.

Step-by-step procedure for baby massage:

Massaging head:

Gently massage the forehead, temples and the base of the skull, eyebrows, eyelids, nose, cheeks, the area around the mouth and ears.

Massaging neck and jaws:

Gently massage the front part of the neck and back part of the neck with slow actions down to the shoulders.

Massaging shoulders and arms:

Form a ring with your fore ring and thumb around your child’s arm. Gently massage around the armpit and then come to the elbow. Carefully massage at the elbow because it is very sensitive region.

Massaging stomach:

Massage the stomach in a circular way. Touch the abdomen moving your hands in clockwise direction.

Massaging legs:

Massage each leg with your whole hand, press gently on the thighs. Bend the legs and knees to some extent while pressing the thighs gently against the body.

Massaging heels and feet:

Massaging foot is very relaxing. Put a soft pressure on each toe, then the foot and return to the toes again. Foot massage can helps to reduce stomach pain. Apply circular movements at the heels.

Massaging back:

Gently massage with large and slow movements that include head, neck, back and legs. Perform these movements in only one direction. Massage gently with your fingertips on your baby’s shoulders and back with circular movements. Don’t massage spinal cord. Put your hands over the spinal cord and let the baby feel the warm sensation.

By following the above step-by-step procedure, perform the baby massage two or three times a week. Baby massage can help to lessen your baby’s diseases.


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