How to Proceed with Burping a Newborn

Burping a newborn is one of the primary concerns of a mom. The reason for that is babies have a tendency to swallow air during their feedings. Burping allows them to release the air. If not, it may lead to excessive gas formation, spitting and a noisy baby. Too much of air in the tummy leads the child to feel fuller and stop eating too early. Burping a baby allows the child to stay comfortable and take a full meal. You should know when to burp your newborn. Here are certain situations in which you need to burp your baby:

Burping a Newborn

  • The baby needs to burp every two ounces, in case you bottle feed.
  • Burping a baby should happen each time you alter breasts, in case you breast feed.
  • Anytime if your baby appears fussy when you feed.
  • At the ending of each feed.

If the baby has GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disorder, try burping a newborn after each ounce in case you bottle feed, or after every 5 minutes if you breast feed. If even after several minutes, your baby does not burp, change their position and try burping the baby.

You do not need much of preparation to burp your baby girl or boy. All you need to have at hand is a burping cloth. Place the soft and clean cloth on your knees, shoulder or on your hand, depending on the posture in which you want to burp your child. This prevents messy situations in case baby spits.

Process of burping a newborn

Usually, the process of burping a baby can be accomplished in 3 easy steps. Irrespective of the position that you use, always remember that your touch should be gentle. You need not necessarily pound baby’s back or apply pressure which is overly gentle. Every baby does not have a ‘right’ or ‘proper’ position and what functions for a feeding might not be functional for the next.

Begin with a position which feels comfortable for you, and you may even experiment to suit a posture which works effectively for baby. The 3 prime positions for burping a newborn include the following:

On the shoulder – Place your baby against your chest to allow their chin to rest on your shoulders. With one hand, support the head and pat or rub the baby’s back with another hand. Try the action when you are sitting in a gently rocking position on a rocking chair for ideal results.

Face down on the lap – Burping a baby with face down is easy. All you need to do is place your baby across the lap with the head lying on one leg, and the stomach on the other. Make sure that head is turned on one side. With one hand, support the head and pat or rub the baby’s back with another hand.

Baby sitting on the lap – Place your baby sitting on the lap with the body edged forward. Support the chest and head with one hand by putting the palm under the chin for burping a newborn. Make sure not to grip the throat. With the other hand, pat or rub baby’s back gently.


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