Preparing the Baby for Vaccination

Vaccinations are a part of childhood and essential to protect the child from disease like polio, whooping cough and influenza. The first of these are due when the baby is eight weeks old.

Taking the baby for the vaccination can be quite unnerving for the new parents, especially if it is their first child.

Baby vaccinesAs a parent you are bound to be concerned about vaccination and the pain that its administration will cause to your darling, but the thing to remember is that the pain is going to be very short-lived but the benefits will last a life time.

The first vaccination at eight weeks is for protection against DTP-Hib, PCV and polio. DTP refers to Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. Hib is for influenza.

It will be easier on your nerves if you and the baby are prepared for the first and thereafter other vaccination appointments.

Talk to the pediatrician before the appointment and find out if you can give some ibuprofen or acetaminophen to the baby for the pain.

Make a list of the questions you need to ask the doctor and finish asking them before the vaccination, so that you may dress the baby and leave within minutes from the vaccination.

You may like to bring the baby’s favorite rattle or toy with you to distract the baby when the shot is being administered. Find out if you can bottle feed or breastfeed the baby immediately before or after the shot to soothe it.

It will be easier if you hold the baby in your arms and talk softly to it or even stroke its hair or face as the shot is being given.

Most babies will cry when the shot is given and may be even a little while after. However, the pain won’t last long but the effects of the shot will.


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