Planning Against Vaccinations? It Could Be Shortsighted

It may be that your personal beliefs ask that you do not vaccinate your newborn baby in the manner routinely prescribed, but consider the problems that could result from non vaccination of children:

In California, there has recently been a large number of cases of whooping cough reported, which is a bit of a wakeup call for those parents who are averse to vaccinating their kids.

vaccination for childrenAs many as 5 deaths have resulted from the 1000 reported cases of whooping cough in California this year alone. In southern Oregon, Jackson County has as many as 23 cases of Pertussis been reported, which is twice the usual number.

If there are as many as 5000 reported cases of pertussis annually in the United States, the most obvious reason for this is the fact that many parents choose not to vaccinate their children.

A recent study showed that not vaccinating a child against whooping cough makes them 23 times more likely to develop the disease than if they had been vaccinated.

Also consider the fact that non vaccinating one’s child has more far reaching implications than one may think: it endangers the good health and lives of other children.


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