Peanut Allergy Can Start In The Womb

Peanut allergies can sometimes be life threatening and recent research has shown that peanut allergies can start as early as in the mother’s womb.

peanut allergyIn a recent study conducted on over 500 infants aged 15 months to 36 months, it was found that a significant amount, as many as 140 of those infants were sensitive to peanuts.

All the infants had some or other allergy; such as milk, eggs , eczema, all of which have been linked to increased risk of having peanut allergies.

The history of the mothers’ intake during pregnancy was examined and it was found that their consumption of peanuts was indicative of their child’s peanut allergy risk.

The more peanuts that the mothers were seem to consume during their pregnancy, the higher was the risk of peanut allergy in the children.

While it is not being suggested that pregnant women should stop eating peanuts in the interests of protecting their kids from developing peanut allergies, there is still the indication of a link existing between peanut consumption during pregnancy and allergy risk.

And if you have had a lot of peanuts while pregnant, watch your infant closely to see if there are any signs of a peanut allergy to be seen.


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