Overview of Skin Rashes in Babies

Skin rashes in newborns are a very common instance and most of them are harmless and subsides within few days by their own. Since the skin is adapting to a new environment, the sensitivity of the skin usually causes these rashes; but in some cases the rashes are accompanied by other unhealthy conditions and discomfort. This is when you should immediately seek attention of a pediatrician.

Skin rashes in severe form are often doubted as meningitis, here are a list of types of skin rashes that occur in babies, read and be aware of them to avoid any wrong diagnosis. The best option is always to visit the physician –

overview of skin rashes in babiesPink Pimples

This is often known as neonatal acne that starts evolving while the baby is in the womb and occurs due to the maternal hormone fluctuations. No need to apply any cream or just anything, it will vanish on its own within few days or weeks.

Erythema Toxicum

This kind of patchy red skin rash is very commonly seen in newborns, the asymmetrical red blotches are slightly swelled up and sometimes have a yellow or white dot in the middle. Although the cause is unknown, this too does not need any treatment and resolves within a month time.


This kind of rashes are whitish in colour as they rise like white bumps on the nose and face of the baby. This causes due to the blockage of oil glands. Once these oil glands open up after enlarging, they disappear within few weeks.

Salmon Patches

These are often referred to as ”stork bite” that is usually seen behind the neck or sometimes in between eyes. Caused due to maternal hormones, this kind of skin rash are just spider web kind of build up of blood vessels. These too don’t need treatment and fade by their own.

Mongolian Spots

This kind of skin rash is seen mostly in babies with dark skin. It looks like a bruise and is flat and gray bluish in colour. It can vary in size and occurs if some pigment does not reach the top layer while the baby’s skin was taking its formation. These are harmless and will go away once the kid reaches school age.

Cradle Cap

Scientifically known as seborrhoea is usually seen on babies at 1-2 months. Cradle cap looks like yellowish crush with a greasy surface on the scalp. Irregularly you might red, irritating rash behind the ears and also on face, armpits and neck. Take the child to the doctor and know the right treatment following the severity of the symptoms.


This skin trouble can affect anyone at any age since the main cause behind this is dry and sensitive skin. The symptoms are red, itchy patches on the skin, in children it is mostly seen on arms, chest, face, legs behind the knees and elbows. , often seen on the baby’s chest, arms, legs, face, elbows, and behind the knees. Visit the doctor and get the appropriate treatment. You might be prescribed steroid cream, skin moisturisers, prickly heat powders etc.


This is a kind of fungal infection that can appear on tongue and is commonly known as thrush. Resembling like dried milk, it will stay thick on the tongue and cannot be scraped off. If it happens in the diaper zone, it will look like a painful patch of red rash with bumpy edges. Babies often get this in moist, dark areas; antifungal oral gel or antifungal cream is treated for the same.


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