Not Getting Why Your Baby Is Crying? Here Are Some Basic Reasons Which Make To Cry Baby!

Cry BabyYou know that crying is the most common happening in the lives of all babies.

After coming out of the womb, the first thing that he does is crying.

For the first time in his life, cry baby will take some air into the lungs.

Slightly pinch or gently stroke his feet if he doesn’t cry after the delivery.

From this it is clear that a healthy baby should cry and it is a normal physiological event.

As you all know that, babies cannot tell their needs or troubles in word, crying is the indication that your baby needs something or he is in trouble. Cry baby alerts all others to fulfill his needs or trouble.

You can soothe your cry baby by giving breast milk or by carrying with a gentle rocking. Excessive crying of your baby means, he is distressed or needs attention.

The causes that make a cry baby are extending from simple reasons to life threatening conditions. Hence you should not ignore your cry baby.

Most of the time, it is difficult to find the cause that make a cry baby. Some of the common causes are:

Common reasons for cry baby:


A hungry baby will cry till he gets the milk.


Urination and defecation causes some discomfort, hence it makes a cry baby. He wont stops crying until his parts are cleaned and made dry.


Most of the kids need someone near to them. Loneliness makes cry baby.


A baby gets tired after a journey. He simply cries when he is unable to sleep. The baby feels tired in uncomfortable and unhealthy climate.

Heat and cold:

If your baby feels too hot or too cold he become restless and cries. A cry baby feels comfortable in a room with good ventilation.

Tight clothing:

In warm weather, tight clothes irritate your child. Tight elastic of the dress can also produce discomfort in the hip region.

Dark room:

If your baby finds darkness in the room after he awakens, he then starts crying and disturbs your sleep. Put a dim light in your baby’s bedroom.


These creatures disturb the sleep by their blood sucking and make a cry baby.

Nasal blocking:

Cold symptoms cause sleepless nights. Child may not be able to sleep when their nasal passages are blocked and hence star crying.

Phlegm in throat:

This causes difficult in breathing and makes a cry baby. You can hear a typical sound after each breathe.

General aching:

Generalized ache with restlessness is seen in flu and prodromal stages of some infectious diseases can result in cry baby.

Habitual cry:

Some babies cry without any reason. You need to seek doctor’s help at this stage.

Nappy rash:

Nappy rash is the result of tight and wet nappy for longer hours. Rash can also be the result of elastic material of the nappy. The rash causes discomfort in your child and baby become sleepless and cries.

Ear ache:

It is very common in wet climate. The infection may be spread from the throat. Ear infection can result in burst of ear drum causing discharge of pus. It becomes worse at night. Your child becomes restless with cry and he does not allow you to touch the ear.


The exact cause for colic is still unknown. Colic may be associated with rumbling and distention of abdomen. Child may not allow you to touch the abdomen.


All infection can cause some kind of pain and irritation. An infection can occur anywhere in the body. It is commonly associated with slight fever, redness and swelling.

Food reaction:

Some type of foods can produce allergic reactions. The symptoms are redness, breathlessness and gastric hence result in cry baby.

Hard stools:

Hard stool can make a cry baby.

Gastro esophageal reflex:

A baby cries with the leakage of food after feeding. If this continues it may be due to gastro esophageal reflex.


During teething your child becomes restless with crying. Teething often associated with gastric troubles and diarrhea.

Bowel obstruction:

Severe pain and vomiting are the result of bowel obstruction. You child stomach becomes swollen with rumbling sound.


Invasion of pathogenic micro organisms into the blood is called septicemia. Commonly fever is associated with this condition.

Retention of urine:

Kids with retention of urine will have unbearable pain making them restless, result in cry baby.


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