Newborns At Greatest Risk From Swine Flu

newborn1Newborn babies and pregnant women face the biggest threat from any swine flu epidemic than all other groups, yet research seems to suggest that this fact is not being addressed by many major medical facilities.

Richard Beigi who led the study which focused on a Council of Women’s and Infants’ Specialty Hospitals, 12 member, on-line survey reported that not one hospital had formalized an action plan. Fifty six percent had started to discuss the issue but it was no where near being tackled.

The whole situation is not helped because of the confusion over suitable vaccinations for newborns and women that are pregnant.

Beigi states that fighting infectious disease is still a grey area although their vulnerability in for example a pandemic is recognized.

The Council of Women’s and Infants’ Specialty Hospitals is a national, non-profit making organization that looks to promote the interests of expectant mothers and the whole area of maternity and care for newborn babies. [Newborn Care]

It holds an expanding database that can be utilized by various programs including the team from the University of Pittsburg.

The provision of childcare was a different story; with over half those surveyed planning to make available to their employees’ improved day care facilities. Although this could result in the stretching of existing resources, in terms of supplies and personnel it was felt to be vital to offer it.

Beigis and his team found other heartening information showing that nearly eight percent of responding hospitals have formalized a strategy to tackle problems such as volume of patients and communications.


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