Some Common and Some Uncommon Newborn Constipation Remedies

While some babies seem to sail through infancy with never a problem about constipation, colic and gas, others seem to have this problem regularly and repeatedly. Since babies can be so very variable, newborn constipation remedies also seem to be as varied – while one parent finds a particular remedy foolproof another will find that it has no impact on their child.

The important thing is to find out the constipation remedy that works for your baby. Some common newborn constipation remedies include –

Prune juice

newborn-constipation-remediesPrunes and prune juice is a known natural laxative and may even help adults in managing constipation. So if possible, give prune juice to the baby but do remember to check with the doctor in what form and how much should be given.

Grape juice or apple juice

Other fruit juices like apple or grape juice may also be one of the more effective newborn constipation remedies; and since it is sweet babies find it palatable. However some parents find that it has no positive impact on constipation.


Massaging the baby’s abdomen gently with sweeping strokes, pushing baby’s legs back up so that the thighs press against the stomach and massaging the baby’s back while positioned on the stomach can all help to release gas, relieve constipation and even help along a bowel movement.


Breastfeeding is an excellent natural remedy relieving constipation among newborn babies because one of the most common causes of constipation among infants is formula. In fact breastfed babies are rarely constipated so ascertain if your baby is in fact constipated if he or she is purely breastfed. Remember, infrequency of bowel movement is not constipation and doesn’t require any of the newborn constipation remedies.

A breastfed baby may poop several times a day and equally commonly they may go once in several days. So long as the stool is of a soft consistency and is easy for the baby to pass, this is not constipation.

Karo syrup

This is also recommended by lots of moms but may have differing results.


Sometimes it could be a mild form of dehydration that causes constipation, so try and offer baby some water to try and ease a bowel movement. Some experts also recommend adding a small amount of sugar to the baby’s water or to their feed to ease the bowel movement.

Some less common remedies for newborn constipation may be suggested by a doctor –


If the baby’s constipation is not relieved by the above remedies, you may want to ask the doctor if and how a suppository can be used to relieve the baby’s discomfort.

Other medications for relieving baby’s constipation should also be used only under medical supervision. Never try and self medicate a baby, always use any medication only after clearing it and its dosage with the doctor.

Sometimes newborn constipation remedies may not work because there could be a serious underlying condition that needs medical attention. In rare cases constipation could be caused by Hirschsprung’s disease. Sometimes it could be a metabolic disorder or a thyroid problem that could underlie the constipation so if constipation persists, have it checked out.


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