Minor, Common, Newborn Ailments

newborn ailmentsThere are various minor health problems that most babies will suffer from at some point, none of which are any cause for alarm but it is no harm to be aware of what they are.

Cradle cap is a condition that results in a flaky, almost crusty like, appearance in the scalp.

In most cases your baby will probably not notice it is there and cradle cap often looks much worse than it actually is.

If it does seem to be irritating your child then just gently rub in olive oil or a specific ointment designed for babies available at your local pharmacy.

To avoid exasperating the condition put cotton mittens on and keep baby’s nail trimmed. Never pick at the scabs because they may become infected. Mila is the appearance of tiny white spots on the facial area; this requires no treatment and will simply disappear over time.

Nappy rash occurs when urine and faeces irritate your babies’ delicate skin and can be avoided by the regular changing of nappies. After removing a nappy, leave the baby on a changing mat for a short while so they can kick about while the air can get to the skin.

If the area does get infected, becoming very sore and inflamed there are a variety of highly effective creams on the market.

Many a sleepless nights has been caused by a condition called Infant colic of which very little is known.

Once you have followed the usual procedure for a crying baby of offering food, checking for full nappy and trying to settle him/her into sleep; there is very little that can be done.


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