Making Vaccinations Easier For Your Child

vaccinationWhen your child receives multiple injections, which is common when being vaccinated, it makes a difference what order those injections are given in.

When children received the least painful injection first, their overall pain experience was less.

Infants aged 2 to 6 months were given two vaccinations, the DPTaP-Hib vaccine and the PCV or pneumococcal vaccine. Of the two, the PCV is the more painful vaccine to receive. When infants received the PCV vaccine second, they expressed less pain overall, as rated by their parents.

When your child is receiving multiple vaccines or injections, be sure to ask which vaccine is more painful and have that given last.

To ease sore muscles after an injection is given, try using arnica gel or cream on your child’s injection site, usually the thigh muscle.

Ask your doctor if giving a pain reliever such as acetaminophen infant drops is appropriate; some pediatricians recommend it while others fear it could mask symptoms of a reaction to a vaccine such as fever.


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