Magnesium Guards Against Cerebral Palsy

According to a new study, the Cochrane Review, premature babies can be protected from their higher risk of cerebral palsy with the use of simple magnesium sulphate.

The risk to all babies born in the US of suffering the effects of cerebral palsy is only 1 in 500.

The risks to newborns that are premature, which is classed as 28 weeks gestation, skyrockets to a far more uncomfortable figure of 1 in 10.

Researchers now believe that magnesium sulphate when administered very slowly via a ‘drip’ in the baby’s vein has significant effects assisting greatly in avoiding the onset of cerebral palsy.

It is also possible to simply inject magnesium into a babies muscle, although it is believed that the slow infusion method is more effective. Researchers admit that they are very unclear as to why the brain can be protected by basic magnesium.

It is known that all humans, babies and adults, need magnesium to assist in helping the body’s cells to function normally.

It is theorised that it may protect the brains of premature babies by keeping away molecules that cause cell damage or even cell death, it is also known to increase blood flow which may also assist in fighting cerebral palsy.


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