Lack of Sunshine Dangerous for Babies and Mothers

Lack of sun exposure in a baby and consequently Vitamin D deficiencies can have serious consequences for infants, it has been noted in a new study conducted by pediatricians of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

lack of sunshineVitamin D deficiency in infants and their mothers can have serious consequences such as bone malformations/deformities, poor growth and even seizures.

The study noted that mothers were themselves deficient in vitamin D and further their infants were also deficient in the vitamin, particularly if they are exclusively breastfed.

An earlier BBC report also pointed out the fact that women should take care of Vitamin D deficiency when pregnant as well, since a lack could hamper proper development of the fetus.

In fact it is advisable that women planning to get pregnant should start on not only a folic acid supplement but also a vitamin D supplement.

This is particularly important for women living in areas with less sunshine exposure.

The report also warns that lumpy food should be introduced to newborns fairly early after they are weaned. This helps to prevent babies being fussy eaters later on. Even at later ages, by 7 years of age, children will show less strong food likes and dislikes.


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