Know The Variations Of Your Baby Weight Gain!

Baby weight gainA healthy baby should have the average weight about 2800gms (2.8kgs).

If the baby weight is less than 2500gms (2.5 kgs), then that baby is considered to possess low weight according to the world health organization.

The breast fed babies can have normal baby weight and they can be healthier than the babies who are formula fed [Attaining toddler health].

During the first week, the baby weight is lost and their birth weight is regained when they become two weeks old.

Here is the general guide to the baby weight of breast fed babies during the first year of their growth:

  • 4-7 ounces (112-200 grams) weight is gained per week during the first month by your baby.
  • For the first six months, your baby can have an average weight gain of 1-2 pounds (1/2 to 1 kilogram) per month.
  • From six months till one year, an average weight of one pound (1/2 kg) per month is gained.

Your baby can grow to one inch in length per month. During the first six months, your baby can grow to 2.5cms in length. From six months onwards they can grow one-half inch in length per month.

Dr. Katherine Dewey, Professor of the California University, at Davis conducted the studies related to the weight and growth patterns of healthy normal breast fed and formula fed infants.

The following results showed when the studies were conducted by the DARLING (Davis Area Research on Location, Infant and Growth):

During first few months, your babies who are breast-fed and formula-fed grow basically at the same rate. The formula fed babies gain more weight than the breast fed babies between four to six months. But the circumference of their head and growth in length will be the same.

When compared to the formula fed babies, the breast fed babies tend to be leaner after the six months [Tips for breast feeding].

Variations in the normal patterns of your baby weight gain:

  • Diet is the main thing that determines variations in the baby weight gain. For ex., babies having different body types have different metabolic rates because of heredity and their calories differ greatly.
  • If your baby is lean and long (banana baby) then they are said to be hypermetabolizers. When compared to the pear babies or apple babies, your baby can burn the calories very easily.
  • Your baby can grow in height than weight where as the pear and apple babies grow in weight than height.

The weight gain may be influenced by the temperament of your baby

  • Mellow, laid-back babies can gain weight more quickly as they tend to burn fewer calories.
  • Your babies who are active with persistent and with motor-driven personality tend to be leaner and burn fewer calories of weight.

You can consult your physician if your baby is not gaining weight according to development patterns.


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