Know all about Baby Acne!

Baby acne is acne that appears on the baby’s face and body. It is a skin problem that is usually temporary with babies and gets resolved without medical treatments. They are small white bumps that develop on baby’s face. There are different reasons for it and there are some ways with the help of which they can be treated as soon as possible. Read below to know more:



  • When dead skin cells get caught in tiny pores of skin, they appear out within few weeks of the child’s birth.
  • Acne might increase if your baby is fussy or crying because of the spit up saliva.
  • It might also occur due to some newborn skin infections and the treatment for it can be taken with consulting a pediatrician.


  • The first thing to keep in mind while treating baby acne is to limit the use of baby acne products like creams, lotions and face washes, because your baby’s skin is too sensitive to take the harshness of such chemicals.
  • Keep your baby’s face clean. Use warm water to clean your baby’s face and look for a soap which is mild and moisturizing. Wipe your baby’s face if it has spit up saliva.
  • Do not scrub the skin. As said earlier, the baby’s skin is very sensitive and scrubbing it even with a towel can be very irritating for the acne. One the baby’s face is washed; pat dry it as this helps the acne irritation calm.
  • Do not squeeze or pinch the acne. Adults often do it with their acne but it is NOT at all suitable for kids. This is definitely going to increase the acne and also cause a pain to your sensitive baby.
  • Be patient with the treatment. It will take time for the acne to go but keep in mind that baby acne is temporary and it is definitely going to be cured.
  • Avoid using lotions on the baby’s face because the harsh chemicals can worsen the acne. If your baby’s skin becomes too dry, use lotions with only and only natural ingredients.
  • In some cases, the acne might have occurred because of some serious allergies or eczema. If the acne does not go away even after a long time, it is very much important to visit a pediatrician and seek the right treatment before the allergies or rashes spread all over the body.



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