Kitchen Safety Tips for Babies on the Prowl

It is a milestone that you probably looked forward to; the day when your little baby started to make little journeys on all fours. Now however, your newly mobile little one can presents a whole new set of problems for you – junior is now getting around all on his own, his reach has increased and he can get into a lot more trouble than before.

While earlier, baby couldn’t travel to the kitchen on his own, he now can.

Kitchen Safety Crawling baby

Though there are some sound arguments against child proofing a home, most of us would like to be safe rather than sorry, and you may be amazed at what all a little crawling baby can get up to, so protect him or her with the following kitchen safety tips for a crawling baby:

1. It is a no brainer that all sharp objects such as knives and potentially dangerous items such as heavy pots should not be within a baby’s reach.

2. Prevent baby’s access to things such as the fridge, trash cans and kitchen cupboards. Use a latch for the fridge, and stow away the trash can where baby cannot reach it; if that is not possible, use child resistant covers for it.

Put latches on all the cabinets that contain unsafe items (such as cleaning materials) or delicate items (china or glass that baby can break and get hurt with).

3. Do not use tablecloths or table mats. Children can find something hanging at eye level quite irresistible and that table cloth as well as everything on it is likely to come crashing down.

4. Toasters, ovens, blenders, stoves and so on should be out of reach. Crawling babies can get quite enterprising so consider if there is a stool or low platform that baby may climb to access kitchen appliances such as these and more.

Also keep all wires, plugs and attachments of kitchen appliances safely and securely away from babies. Use over latches and a plastic stove/knob guard should ideally be in place whenever it is not in use.

5. Never cook and hold baby at the same time; baby’s reach can be longer than you think.

6. If you leave a hot pot at the stove, make sure the handles are not accessible to baby (they should face the rear of the stove).

Similarly all hot containers should be kept inaccessible to baby and should never be near the edge of the table or kitchen platform.

7. If you’re carrying baby, don’t carry at hot container or any kind at the same time.

8. Cleaning materials such as detergents, cleaning liquids, soap, mothballs, disinfectants and all are best kept under lock and key or at least well out of reach.

9. If you are washing up or the kitchen sink is full for any reason, never leave baby unattended near it. It can take but a second for a baby to fall in and in a scant few moments a tragedy can have occurred. Remember, babies can drown in just a few inches of water.


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