Keep Babies Out of Danger: Baby Proof your Car!

Most parents with babies, baby-proof their homes but tend to overlook their vehicles or cars. Your baby will be spending a lot of time in the car as well and this is why, it is important to baby proof it as well. The good news is that baby proofing the car is relatively simpler than doing it for the house, for the most obvious reason that there is large space to cover in the house. The following given tips and suggestions will help you secure each end of the car for your baby’s safety.

baby proof your car

Strap up your Baby

The first thing that you will need to keep in mind is to strap your baby every time he/she travels in the car with you. Studies show that those babies who are not strapped on or those who do not travel in the car seat are more likely to go through serious injuries as compared to the others, even on low speed collisions. Thus make it a point to purchase a good quality car seat that is suitable for your vehicle. Also, secure the car seat firmly on the backseat of the car and strap the baby properly.

Baby Seat Position

Another thing that can help you baby proof your car is to pay attention to the position of the car seat. The seat must be placed in the middle of the backseat because this is the position which is farthest from both sides of the car.  This also keeps your baby from playing with the window lock button or the car lock button and prevents risky situations.

Always Keep a Watch on the Baby

Make sure you always keep a watch on the baby, no matter how firmly secured he/she is to the car seat. For this purpose, you can get a baby safe mirror which is attached on the back seat and you can keep an eye on it through your rear vision mirror. This mirror prevents you from keep turning back and thus puts you away from risk of accidents.

Declutter the Vehicle

With a baby on board, remove all the clutter from the vehicle to avoid the baby picking up anything which may not be safe for him like paper receipts, empty drink bottles and pointed objects.

Diffuse the Sun

To avoid sunburn for the baby, attach sun shades on the rear windows of the car. Your baby’s skin is much more sensitive than yours and needs to be protected.


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