Is Your Little Baby Suffering With Her First Cold Symptoms? Ease Your Baby’s Discomfort During Her Cold!

Little BabyIt is very difficult for any parent to watch her little baby first cold symptoms.

Your little baby snuffles and tries to breathe through her stuffed nose.

Don’t give any medications for your baby’s first cold symptoms, since she is too young.

Your little baby first cold symptoms:

  • Coughing [Coughing effects on baby health]
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Red or watery eyes
  • Your little baby looks irritable, grumpy and uncomfortable because of her stuffed nose
  • Your baby will have some slight fever from 38 degrees C to 101 degrees F
  • Trouble in eating and breathing if your baby is under six months old
  • Your little baby won’t be able to blow her nose

You can be sure that if your baby was sleeping through the night before the cold hit then she will no longer be that doing that after the cold. Your little baby awakes several times during the night because of her inability to breathe.

Your little baby cold symptoms may lost for two to ten days. If your baby is too young the cold may remain for up to two weeks. Your baby will have from between six to ten colds by the time she is two years old.

When to contact your doctor if your little baby is suffering from cold symptoms?

You should contact your doctor if your little baby can have cold less than three months old.

If your baby is over three months old you only need to contact your doctor if the fever gets too high, the cold lasts too long, or you think your baby may have an ear infection, cough, or other secondary problem from her cold.

Treatment for cold symptoms:

Until the cold disappears there are several things that you can do to ease your little baby’s discomfort during her cold:

  • Ensure that whether your baby is getting enough rest or not.
  • Give your baby plenty of fluids, especially when the cold is accompanied by a fever.
  • Raise your baby’s head if she is stuffed up and congested. You can do this by putting a pillow or two under the crib mattress at one end.
  • Your little baby cannot blow her own nose so that you will have to wash it gently to help her breathe easier.
  • Keep cool moist vaporizer in your baby’s room to keep the air moist.
  • Give your baby extra cuddles, love and patience.


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