Infant Reflux Symptoms

In case you are thinking about the infant reflux symptoms, you should know that it is also known as spitting up and it is entirely normal to a certain extent. However if it gets more serious you should call your doctor about it to make sure that the baby is alright.

Symptoms of infant reflux

Infant-Reflux-SymptomsIn the majority of the cases spitting up occurs after the baby eats, but it could appear 1-2 hours later as well.

About half of the 0-3 months old babies have reflux at least once a day. Reflux usually gets worse when the baby is 2-4 months old. By the time the little one gets 7-8 months old, the reflux should disappear.

Alarming infant reflux signs

Although it is a normal sign, there are some symptoms that should make you call your doctor. Make the call if the baby becomes dehydrated, if the amount of urine passed decreases, if the soft spot sinks on the top of the little one’s head, if the baby doesn’t have tears when crying or of the baby is irritable or lethargic.

Weight loss

The mothers looking for the infant reflux symptoms should keep an eye on the weight of the baby. Normally spitting up doesn’t lead to weight loss. However if you see the baby losing weight, you should contact your doctor immediately to find out what to do.

Forceful reflux

When it comes to the signs of infant reflux you should check whether the spitting up is forceful. This may be a type of vomiting and it could point to pyloric stenosis. This kind of spit up appears during the early stages and it is caused by the narrowing of the valve between the intestine and the stomach.

If you see such infant reflux symptoms, you might notice that the vomiting gets worse after each feeding. As a result the babies may seem hungry all the time, they can become dehydrated and they can lose weight. Usually the problem is treated through a minor surgery.

Some other symptoms of infant spit up

You ought to contact your doctor if the spit ups are accompanied by fever, problems with breathing, diarrhea and fussiness. Another scary symptom is the spit up containing blood or mucus.

Even though the infant reflux symptoms may seem scary at first, you have to remember that the doctors can help the little one with the problem.


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