Hypospadias – Birth Defect Of The Urethra In The Male

hypospadiasHypospadias is a birth abnormality of anterior urethral and penile development in which the urethral opening is located underside of the penis.

This is a common condition and it doesn’t cause any trouble in carrying your infant.

Surgery for hypospadias restores the normal look of your infant’s penis. The cause for hypospadias is unknown and sometimes it is inherited.

At the time of penis development, some hormones encourage the development of urethra and foreskin as well. Any disturbances in hormone production make urethra to grow with an abnormality.

If the condition is left untreated, your child may have problems of learning how to use the toilet properly. Untreated hypospadias can also lead to problems with sexual intercourse during adulthood.

Usually the surgery consumes 3 hours time, in which the doctor uses the tissue grafts from foreskin to regain the proper position of urinary channel. The surgery is performed between 3 to18 months after the delivery of your baby.

But the whole process can be accomplished at any age, even during adulthood. Don’t perform circumcision before the surgery because the foreskin is required for surgery.

There won’t be any future problems from the surgery. Rarely a hole may develop underside of the penis and it will lead to urine leakage and requires additional surgery in order to completely heal.


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