How To Recognize The Stool Disorders In Your Infant Baby?

Infant Baby Stool ProblemsStool problems are very dangerous in some infants. In an infant baby the motions can be dark colored very much like pitch both in consistence and look.

In the early days of your infant baby the first milk secreted in the mother’s breast, acts as mild purgative agent upon the infant’s bowel.

In between four and twenty hours after the delivery the breast milk is cleansed (benefits of breast milk).

In the whole life of your infant baby, the stool will be of a lightish yellow color.

The stool is uniformly of thin mustard, having little smell, smooth in appearance and therefore free from lumps or white colored matter and passed without pain or any considerable quantity of wind.

If your infant baby is in good health, he will have daily two or three, or even four, of these evacuations. When your infant baby grows older, stools will not be somewhat so frequent; they will become darker in color and more solid.

If there is any change from the above mentioned characters, is of course a sign of something wrong. The first indication of any disease is imbalanced condition of the bowels. You should daily be directed to watch the evacuations.

The appearance, color, and the manner in which it is discharged, are the points should be notable and are perfectly observed. If the stool has a very curdy appearance or it is too liquid, or green, or dark-colored, or smell badly, they are abnormal.

In a healthy infant baby the motion is passed with little wind and as if compressed out, but in disease, it will be thrown out with great force, which is a sign of great irritation. It is important that you have to note how many times the stool is passed within four and twenty hours.

Some infants have the problem of loose stool. The symptoms of loose stool are:

  • Abdominal pain and bloating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Wetting during the day or night
  • Loss of appetite between bowel movements
  • Extreme straining during bowel movements

What care should be taken if your infant baby has loose stools?

The first step you have to do is keep your baby hydrated. If your baby has fever then use prescribed medications like Crocin drops or whatever your doctor has prescribed.

If your baby has been vomiting, you may need to give her domstal. To stop vomiting, feed your baby with her head raised. Don’t keep her in a horizontal position.


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