How To Recognize And Treat Urinary Tract Infection In Your Baby?

Urinary tract infections or UTIs in young children are more common than most people think. What you need to know is how to recognize the infection and treat it.

Recognizing urinary tract infection in your baby:

UTIs in children are similar to adults. The one and only clear symptom is that your child will suffer from a continuous fever. Generally UTIs are due to the bacterium that is developed in the urethra.

In adults, the most common symptom of urinary tract infection is the discomfort of frequent urination, but in children the most common sign of this infection is fever.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection in your baby:

If your child has fever and you want to confirm whether your child has UTI, look for the following symptoms:

  1. Blood in your child’s diaper.
  2. A bitter, foul odor in your baby’s urine.
  3. Poor appetite and vomiting.
  4. Crying for no definite reason.

If you think that your baby is suffering from the infection, contact your pediatrician immediately.

Treating urinary tract infection in your baby:

The doctor will want to collect a urine sample of your baby. The best way to do this is inserting a catheter in your baby’s urethra and collecting the urine sample. The procedure is not dangerous, and is necessary.

After collecting the urine sample, a test will be conducted. If the infection is confirmed, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition. You need to ensure that your baby takes all the prescribed dosages of antibiotics, even if the condition improves.

Preventing urinary tract infection in your baby:

You can reduce the chance of occurrence of UTI by wiping the baby from front to back when you are changing the diaper. This is especially advised if you are changing a baby girl.

Make sure your baby gets plenty of fluids. Drinking more fluids will make your baby urinate more frequently, flushing out his/her urinary tract.


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