How To Provide Infant Safety At Your Home?

Infant SafetyMost of the deaths in infants occur due to the accidents. The accidents mainly occur at home premises. You can prevent these accidents by following some safety tips.

Infant safety tips:

  • See that the crib is firmly fit and has 23/8 inches between the bars and not more than that. The mattress should fit firmly within the crib and it should be firm. The bumpers should be removed when your child stands up.
  • The baby’s mattress should be placed away from drafts and windows. Do not place the pillows, stuffed animals and fluffy blankets on the crib. These can cause choking to your baby.
  • For infant safety, never leave the plastic bags or small objects near them that can cause choking to your children.
  • Smoke free environment should be maintained for your child.
  • Never leave your baby alone on the changing tables or beds to prevent falls.
  • Your baby should not be exposed to sun light for more time.
  • Always make sure that your baby sleep on their back. It is not safe for them to sleep on sides and especially when they start to roll on their stomach, to prevent the SIDS.
  • Do not put them on the bean bag, waterbeds, and soft blankets alone, as they can cover their face that can lead to choking. The baby-sitters and day care personal should know to make the baby sleep on their back.
  • Until your baby becomes 1 year and weighs 20lbs, use the convertible car seats and rear facing infant car seat in the back seat. The car seat should be installed properly by reading the instructions on it.

Some tips to child proof your home:

When your infant starts crawling or walking, more care should be taken for infant safety by keeping your home safe.

  • Use the window guards and stair gates.
  • Use the latches on cabinets and cover all the electrical outlets.
  • The chemicals, medicines, household cleaners etc., should be kept out of children’s reach. Always use the products that contain the child resistant caps.
  • In order to prevent the burns, your heater temperature should be maintained at 120 degrees F.
  • Install the carbon monoxide, fire and smoke detectors.
  • Use the guards that are soft and remove the sharp edge furniture.
  • Breakable things from lower shelves and tables should be removed.
  • Flame resistant furniture should be purchased and fire extinguishers should be installed.
  • The choking hazards and the small toys that are near your baby should be removed.
  • The rooms that are not child proof should be locked.
  • Empty the container with water to prevent drowning of your children. Always close the rooms and bath room. You should never leave your baby alone near water containing tubs.
  • The hot food or hot liquid should not be carried nearer to your child.
  • Keep the bullets in separate locker, if you have a gun at home.
  • List of emergency numbers should be kept with you.

If you follow these infant safety measures, you can protect your infant from accidents.


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