How To Monitor Development Of A Premature Baby?

premature babyIt is very much important to keep a close look on the development of premature baby.

Every year, in the United States, up to 1,300 babies are born prematurely and most of these babies are going to spend weeks or even months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Some babies will recover and some will experience serious medical conditions and some other babies won’t survive.

So, for the mother of premature baby, it is essential to know that their baby’s development is completely different from that of a full term baby.

Special care for a premature baby development:

The baby needs to receive special care in the NICU before she is able to go home. Some times, the baby have to be kept in the incubator, nourished intravenously and placed on oxygen.

Blood pressure, breathing levels, heart rate and also oxygen levels are observed closely. There is a need for phototherapy in order to treat the jaundice and also other serious health conditions.

When can a premature baby go home?

Your pediatrician will consider various factors before releasing a premature baby from the hospital. Most of the clinics don’t have any special weight considerations for the premature babies to be released. But, some of the important considerations that must be met include:

1. The baby should have thirty four weeks of gestational age.

2. The baby should have consistent body temperature.

3. Your baby does not require hospital assistance.

4. The baby is able to feed through mouth and is consistently gaining the weight.

5. There are not any changes occurred in your baby’s medicine.

How to monitor the growth of a premature baby?

The growth chart of a premature baby is characteristically adjusted because the baby is premature. Actually, various charts are developed that show the average growth rate of a premature baby and these charts are very much accurate when compared to the charts of full term babies.

Typically, the development of a premature baby is based on the estimated due date instead of her definite birth date.

Premature babies should play catch up. Generally they play at different periods during the first three years of life. If the baby does not catch up at various periods in the first three years, then there is a chance for developmental delays or some other medical conditions.

Immunizations for a premature baby:

Immunizations schedule for a premature baby are mainly based on her chronological age, buy not on the gestational age. The only exception for this rule is hepatitis B vaccine. This vaccine is given when the baby reaches 4 lb, 6 oz weight.

You should be very careful towards the babies born prematurely. So, close monitoring of a premature baby leads to healthy development of child.


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