How To Make Air Travel Safe With Your Infant?

safe air travel with your infantYou can travel with your infant by air safely, if you follow some safety issues.

But, it is better to avoid air travel as much as you can, because it takes some time for your newborn baby to adjust the new life outside your womb.

Most of you worry about air travel with your infants, because it will hurt your child’s ears. Usually, the consequences of air travel on your infant’s ear are same as for an adult’s ear.

Changes in the atmospheric pressure can cause various changes in your middle ear pressure. Finally it can lead to severe pain.

In order to equalize the pressure, feeding will greatly help you. So, during takeoff and landing time, feed your infant. If your infant is not hungry, try to offer a pacifier.

If your infant is already suffering from ear infection, then he/she will feel very uncomfortable while flying. So, it is better to consult the pediatrician before leaving. Your doctor will suggest eardrops for pain relief.

Some mothers suspect that traveling by air raises the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, because irregular breathing is the most common problem in a pressurized airplane cabin.

Keep your infant in a rear facing infant safety seat which is correctly installed and your infant can be protected in the seat beside yours. In order to make safer air travel with your infant, take pacifier, teething ring, stuffed animal, toys, and special blanket along with you. If your infant feels little bit fussy in the night, go for a walk up and down the aisle.

Tips to make safe air travel with your infant:

  • Schedule your air travel during nap timings of your baby. If you travel at the time your infant rests, then the baby will sleep easily even at high altitudes.
  • Relieve your baby from ear pain during take offs and landings. Give something to your baby to suck on.
  • Take a powerhouse of a tote bag along with you. Pack all the essential things needed for you during the travel like: diapers, baby powder, pain relievers, pacifier, bottles, juice, blanket, a bib, snack foods and spoons.
  • Take infant basinets along with you. Most of the airlines allow carrying the basinets without including any extra charges.
  • Take some playthings along with you like: books, teething items, toys which make soft noise and puppets.
  • Use a stroller. It must be compact and lightweight.

These things make your air travel easy with your infant and also it will not bother your child anymore.


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