How To Keep Your Newborn Safe Around Pets?

newborn safeMost parents know that children love animals naturally, and there has not been a parent who has not heard the fervent plea in their child’s eyes when he sees a cute little puppy or kitten playing in a neighbor’s house. [Eye care]

If you are an expecting parent, and you have a pet already, then there are certain things you must do to make sure that your baby remains safe around your pet.

1. Make sure you visit your veterinarian so that your pet is up to date on all his immunizations. Make sure especially that your pet is dewormed before your baby arrives.

2. Provide a small space for your pet that he can claim as his own, and to which he can retreat whenever he wants some space. This can prove to be especially useful after your baby arrives, and when he starts to grow up and move around.

3. Although pets do adjust to a new arrival without much fuss, you have to be aware that they may feel a little neglected at your lack of attention to them, and at the amount of time and attention that your baby seems to be taking up from you.

The best way to handle this is to make sure that your pet is left alone for some time everyday without your company, so that he becomes accustomed to it. This will prevent his feeling neglected when the baby arrives.

However, also make sure you spend some time playing exclusively with your pet, everyday.

4. Experts advise that dogs have the tendency, especially smaller dog breeds, to view the newborn baby as prey or at least as an enemy. They may interpret the baby’s actions as dangerous, and may attack. It is therefore advisable to exercise caution in allowing the dog with the baby. [Newborn Baby Care]

Furthermore, the baby will insist on pulling the dog’s tail, his hair, and his face, which not many dogs will take kindly to. Keep the pet away from the newborn until you are definitely sure there will be no danger to the baby.

The same applies to a cat as well, although a cat will not bite or scratch the baby on its own; it may attack however if the baby pulls at its tail or hurts it.

5. Although a dog licking a newborn baby is not usually considered dangerous, remember that the newborn is still developing his immune system, and the dog’s saliva may contain harmful substances.

Exercise a reasonable amount of caution, and keep both your pet and your baby safe.


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