How To Identify Pediatric GERD In Your Newborn?

Do you know even children and infants can get GERD? If left untreated, pediatric GERD causes various changes in baby’s esophagus and causes serious harm to the lining of esophagus.

In extremely severe cases, GERD leads to cancerous growth, ulcers and also malnutrition in your baby.

So, it is very essential for you to identify the condition in early stages and help your baby to live a healthy life.

Signs of  Pediatric GERD

Some of the most common symptoms of GERD in infant include, constant or sudden crying, poor sleeping habits, frequent hiccups, ear infections and sinus congestion [Infant congestion].

Even spitting or vomiting while feeding is also most common signs that indicate Pediatric GERD in your baby.

Refusing food, swallowing problems, bad breath, frequent sinus infections and running nose also warns you Pediatric GERD in your baby.

Your baby need not exhibit all these symptoms, in fact if your baby has even one of these, it could mean that he/she may have reflux disease.

However, if you notice these symptoms once in a while, there is nothing to worry. But, it is always suggested to seek immediate medical attention if you have any doubt regarding your newborn’s health.


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