How To Help Your Baby With Nasal Congestion?

When it is flu or cold season, it is quite challenging for you to prevent nasal congestion in your little one.[Infant congestion]

Despite of taking utmost care, it is quite common for small children to get common cold and suffer with nasal congestion.

So, here are few ways for you to help your baby in relieving nasal congestion.

  1. If you notice that your baby has dry mucus, use warm saline drops to relieve congestion. Take necessary suggestions from your baby’s doctor before you use saline drops for your baby.
  2. Use vapor rubs that are specially made for small babies and rub them gently on chest of your little baby. This can give better relief for your baby with nasal congestion.
  3. Don’t try to clean nose frequently which may hurt the sensitive skin of your baby. Clean it occasionally using soft cloth. For cleaning, first of all spray few drops of saline solution to wet the areas and then use soft cloth or bulb syringe to clear out the mucus.
  4. You can spray few drops of eucalyptus oil on your baby’s bedding, so that s/he will inhale its aroma while sleeping. Actually, it can give good respiration for your baby while sleeping. You can also use it in your baby’s shower, so that s/he will inhale the vapors of eucalyptus oil and get cleared from congested nasal cavities.


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