How To Find Signs Of Diseases In Your Child Body?

Child BodyIt is highly important that as a mother you should posses such information which will enable you to detect the disease in your child body at its first appearance.

This can help you to seek medical assistance for your child’s disease.

It will not be difficult for you to obtain this knowledge. You have only to bear in mind what are the indications which constitute health.

If you notice any deviation from these indications it must denote the presence of disorder.

You can recognize the signs of disease, though you cannot find the actual disease in child body.

Signs of health in your child body:

The signs of health are to be found according to the below information:

  • First, in the healthy performance of the various functions of the child body
  • The regular demands made for healthy supply, neither in excess or deficiency
  • Similar regularity in emissions both in quantity and appearance

You should have learnt something from the figure of healthy infant. There will be perceived such a universal roundness in all parts of the child body, that there is no such thing as an angle to be found in the whole figure; whether the limbs are bent or straight, every line forms a portion of a circle.

The limbs will feel firm and solid and unless they are bent, the joints cannot be observed.

Your child’s tongue in the healthy condition looks white. All the parts of your child body looks in condition such as tongue free from sores, the skin cool, the eye bright, the complexion clear, the head cool, the abdomen not projecting too far, and the breathing regular without effort.

When awaken, your infant will look cheerful and energetic. He loves to play and will often break out into its merry, happy, laugh.

On the other hand when he falls asleep, he will appear calm, every feature composed, its countenance displaying an expression of happiness, and frequently, perhaps, lit up with a smile.

If you find the above appearance in your child body, he is in a perfect health condition and just in proportion to their partial or total absence disease will have seize its place.

Examine the signs of disease as they are appearing separately by the countenance, the gestures, in sleep, in the stools, and by the breathing and cough. Then you can acquire clear idea about the diseases in your child body.


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