How To Best Deal With Baby Colic?

baby colicGastrointestinal colic and pains are very common in newborn babies and usually disappear after the first month of the baby’s life.

Many causes have been attributed to this disorder, such as the air the baby is ingesting during feeding, or that he’s drinking too fast while suckling and even the type of food the breastfeeding mother is eating could affect the baby’s intestinal functioning.

Due to these pains the baby may cry for up to three hours uninterruptedly, which can be quite exasperating for the parents.

It is therefore important that the parents relay the baby between one another in order to get a rest in between the baby’s cries. [Baby Cry]

Various methods can be tried in order to calm your baby, you will have to choose which is the most appropriate for your baby.

When he is in the crib, try picking the baby up and rocking him in your arms, sometimes with his tummy resting on your forearm while rubbing his back, this can be soothing for the colic pains.

It is fundamental to make your baby burp after he has fed correctly, this will prevent him from awakening after a short period of sleep.

If you really cannot calm your baby, car rides are miraculous and usually if you stroll your baby along in the baby carriage he will soon fall asleep, the secret is to keep moving.

Some babies take to baby dummies nicely as substitute to their mothers’ breast, and bathing your baby especially in the evenings before you feed him will have a great soothing effect.

When breastfeeding, mothers should be attentive on the kind of food they are eating, for everything is passed through the maternal milk, medicine included.


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