How To Avoid Making This Fatal Mistake With Your Newborn?

fatal mistakeParents may not realize it but leaving a baby in a locked car while run an errand or two can be, in some cases fatal for newborn or older baby.

A child’s death that results from being left in a hot car is something that parent will never be able to forgive themselves for, so it is best to keep the following in mind to prevent something like this ever happening:

  1. Firstly make sure that your car is locked properly when parked, so that a child may not climb into it without you being aware of it. Also teach children not to play inside cars, they may get locked in accidentally with disastrous consequences.
  2. Very often these accidents are a result of a parent forgetting about their child in the back seat. So keep a bag, briefcase or similar item in the back to make sure that one does not forget a sleeping child.
  3. Ask the day care center to call you when the child arrives or is late.
  4. Understand that the sleep deprivation and tiredness that comes from being a new parent could cause you to become forgetful or act out of character.

Whereas you may believe yourself to be incapable of doing something like this, it could happen. So be conscious of your routine and follow it.


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