How To Attain Good Child Health?

Baby HealthExposure to open air results in your good child health.

The respiration of pure air at all times and under all circumstances is essential for good child health.

How to expose your baby to open air?

  • Make sure that your baby’s nursery should be large and well ventilated. The nursery should be in an elevated part of the house and situated as to admit a free supply both of air and light.
  • The room in which your child sleeps should be large and the air frequently renewed.
  • Nothing should be harmful for your child health as sleeping in an impure and heated atmosphere.
  • Don’t use thick curtains closely round the bed. It is highly injurious to your child health. It causes difficulty breathing.
  • Use thick curtains only to protect your infant from cold air.

Exposure to open air is must for your child health; of course it depends on the season of the year and the state of the weather. A delicate infant born late in the autumn will not generally derive advantage from being carried into the open air. You must keep him in large, often changed and well ventilated rooms. He will not suffer from the confinement, where as he will, most probably, escape catarrhal infections.

Catarrhal infections affect your child health and cause difficulty breathing and are so often the consequences of the injudicious exposure of infants to a cold and humid atmosphere.

If your child health is in good condition, you can take him into the open air at stated periods. Daily exposure to open air proves that it has the most invigorating and vivifying influence upon the system.

Under the damp conditions of the atmosphere you should never expose your infant to open air because it is one the most powerful and exciting causes of consumptive disease. Dry or cold weather causes itchy skin for your infant. If your child is suffering with cold symptoms then exposure to cold weather makes the symptoms worsen.

Feed your child plenty of fluids. Drinking fluids will help the skin to get the moisture it needs. Cream your child with a good-quality skin cream. This reduces skin irritation while exposing to dry or humid air.

In the hot weather your child can quickly loose body fluids through body respiration. The loss of body fluids can lead to dehydration. You should feed your child frequently or you must give fluids to keep your child health in good condition.


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