HIV Drugs Effective To Protect Breast Fed Babies From HIV Transmission

breast fed babiesA new international study has found that HIV drugs are effective in preventing HIV transmission from breastfeeding mother to child.

According to the study, giving a daily dose of antiretroviral medicines to breast fed infants or mothers administering highly active HIV drugs can significantly help in lowering the risk of HIV infection in newborn babies.

It was found that the chance of HIV transmission from HIV infected mother to child through breastfeeding is about one in five. The results of the Breastfeeding, Antiretrovirals and Nutrition (BAN) study, conducted in more than 2,000 HIV-infected mother-child pairs in Malawi in Africa, are scheduled to be presented in South Africa Wednesday at the 5th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention.

Read more at HealthDay


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