4 Useful Tips to Provide First Aid to a Choking Baby

If you find that your baby is suddenly unable to breathe and is choking, then you must have the immediate first aid tips in mind to be able to stop him from the same.  Often babies choke due to the blockage or partial blockage of the baby’s airways.

Due to this, he may find it difficult to breathe or even cough.  Knowing how to help the baby in such a case can save his life and the following are a few tips and suggestions to help you with the same.

first aid tips to a choking baby

Dislodge the Blockage

Hold the baby in such a way that he is lying face down along your forearm. The head must be lower than the bottom part of the body and the back and head must both be well supported. Now you will need to use the heel side of your hand to pat the baby five times on his shoulder blades.

If you can spot an obstruction, then you can attempt to remove it but don’t put your finger in the mouth blindly. One of the best ways to stop the choking is to give effective back blows and most problems get solved by doing so.

Give Chest Thrusts

If the baby is finding it difficult to breathe still, then you can turn him on to his back and give about 5 chest thrusts. For this, you can use two of your fingers to push the baby on the chest inwards and upwards. With each of the thrusts that you give, try to dislodge the obstruction object and do not do all five quickly or automatically. Check the mouth of the baby after each thrust and remove the object if you spot it.

  • If the choking doesn’t stop even on following all these steps, then you must call an ambulance as soon as possible. If you are alone, then you can carry out CPR for a minute. Continue giving chest thrusts and back blows until a doctor, ambulance or any other help arrives.
  • In case you manage to stop the choking and the baby is breathing normally, you must go see a doctor with him/her. A part of the object on which the baby was choking could still be left inside and may need to be removed by an expert. The doctor will also be able to check if the breathing rate has returned to normal.


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