Fever in Infants Symptoms

Although it is scary, all parents should be able to recognize the fever in infants symptoms. This is because it is quite common for children to have a fever. If you notice the baby having a fever you shouldn’t panic, but take measures to make the little one better.

How can you tell if you see the symptoms of fever in infants?

Fever-in-Infants-SymptomsThe first thing you should do is to kiss the forehead of the baby. If he or she feels warmer than normal, most probably he or she is running a fever. This usually means that the body is fighting with an infection. At this point, you should take the temperature of the baby to see what the right course of action would be.

Additional information

When thinking about the signs of fever in babies it is good to know that the body temperature of a healthy baby is of 97-100.3 degrees Fahrenheit. If the body temperature of the baby exceeds 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, most probably he or she has a fever.

How serious is it?

The parents thinking about the fever in infants symptoms should know that body temperature isn’t the only indication of a fever. Another thing that you have to think about is the age of the baby. A fever should be taken really serious under the age of 3 months.


Another factor to consider regarding the infants’ fever signs is the behavior of the baby. Even though if the baby has a fever but he or she goes on eating normally and he or she is active, you shouldn’t get alarmed. However if the fever stops the baby from performing regularactivates, you should take measures immediately.

General considerations

It is normal for the body temperature of people to rise late in the afternoon and early in the evening and it usually falls between midnight and morning. This is why the babies most often have a fever during the afternoon.

Calling the doctor about the warning signs of fever in babies

You are the most suitable person to assess the fever in infants symptoms so you should call your doctor if you think that the problem is serious, not matter how high or low the fever is. You should call the doctor if the baby is younger than 3 months old and he or she has a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.


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