Exercises And Proper Diet To Control Constipation In Infants!

Constipation In InfantsConstipation in infants results when the stools are harder and firmer.

The child will have pain or will be troubled when the bowels are not empty.

Constipation in infants and breastfeeding: The breast fed milk can be digested easily, so it is rarely seen in them.

The bacteria present in the large intestine of the breast fed infants helps in breaking the undigested proteins. In breast-fed children, there is a hormone motiline present. Higher levels of this hormone increase the bowel movements.

Bottle fed infants: The babies who are fed with the bottle frequently suffer with the constipation. The baby cannot digest the formula milk because it is harder.

A baby who is fed with the formula milk will have lesser bowel movements when compared to the breastfed baby. Their stools are greenish, thicker and different.

New born with bowel movement: The young baby can have bowel movement once a week and several times a day. Laxative is administered in case of bowel movements with long intervals.

Old babies with bowel movement: The appearance of their stools, consistency and the bowel movement depend on solid food they eat.

At this moment, some babies may constipate. It is because of the new composition of the nutrients that the intestine has to be get used to digest them.

Constipation in infants can result due to dehydration and when a baby takes more solid food.

Vicious circle in a constipated baby: It affects the baby when the hared stools are to be passed out. Cracks may appear around the anus that causes pain and bleeding.

The stools are hold back by the baby to reduce pain that lead to reabsorption of water from stools making them harder.

The more quantity of the stool causes colic pain and dilates intestine.

By massaging baby’s tummy:

It can be treated by massaging the baby. Apply some oil or cream on your fingers and massage at the belly button. Massage clock wise direction in circles out side belly. [Baby Massage]

By moving baby’s legs in cyclic motion:

Make the baby to lie on their back, and then turn their legs in circular way. This helps the stomach muscles to move and some pressure is applied on the intestine.

Baby should be given bath:

The stools are passed easily by giving the warm bath to the baby. Wash the bottom of the baby by applying petroleum jelly or cream around the anus.

Make the formula milk correctly:

If you are feeding with the formula milk make sure that the powder is mixed well and it is not thick that may lead to constipation in infants.

By feeding the baby with cooled, boiled water we can control this to some extent.

So, by following certain exercises and by proper diet constipation in infants can be controlled.


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