Symptoms to Ensure a Visit to a Doctor

Babies fall sick; often get affected by common cold once to several times a year, pertaining to his weak immune system at his developmental stages. However, when it comes to an infant who knows nothing except crying to express his bodily discomfort, even his parents might encounter problem to distinguish his normal fussiness and placid ailments from graver complications which needs urgent assistance and care.

Certain symptoms contradictory to his normal behavior, such as inconsolable crying, breathing difficulties, and loss of appetite and so on, might appear to be indicating factors which serves as a forewarning to further symptomatic exacerbation. The basic objective of this article is to provide you with information regarding different situations in which a baby might need immediate medical assistance.

ensure a visit to a doctorWhen to Call a Doctor about Your Baby

The given symptoms arrayed below might aid you in those difficult situations during which you suffer from dilemma over whether it is the appropriate time to call the doctor:

Appetite Loss

If your child is not willing to eat regular meals or eats minimal amount of food at several feedings, you must consult the physician to know the cause of the loss of appetite. This is because, bacterial or viral diseases express their presence through certain behavioral changes, one of them being loss of appetite.

Mood changes

A timid or pallid behavioral response from your baby can represent an underlying ailment. If your baby is always in irritable mood or lethargic, refuse to share an eye contact with you, or has fits of crying sessions, inform your doctor regarding that for further assistance.

Tender navel

Seek medical assistance immediately if the navel part or penis of the baby feels soft and tender when touched, reddens or bleeds as it may indicate the involvement of other ailments.


Check your baby’s stools everyday as stools are indicative of diseases. If the stool is watery or loose visit the doctor as you baby might be having diarrhea or similar stomach infections.


A baby occasionally disgorges the food which is considered to be perfectly normal. However, if your baby spits up vehemently after regular feedings or if the vomiting conditions have not abated within 12 hours, physician will have to take over the job to prevent further advance of the conditions.


Dehydration generally accompanies other ailments such as diarrhea and can be perilous if left untreated. If your infant cries devoid of tears, wets lower number of diapers, and has parched lips, dehydration may be the cause which needs urgent assistance.


If sudden skin eruptions which comprise of red, itchy rashes are observed on the infant’s skin and is accompanied by fever or diarrhea, it is time to pay a visit to an expert.

The conditions under which a medical assistance is recommended need to be taken under consideration by the parent and act accordingly to prevent worsening of any kind of symptomatic expression.


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