Electronic Monitoring For Newborn Babies

A new system is being adopted in the Orange Base Hospital in Australia – newborn babies will be tagged using electronic monitoring systems as a security measure.

electronic monitoringThis system will allow the location of the baby to be tracked wherever he or she is in the hospital and to alert the staff in the hospital in the event of the baby being unlawfully removed from the hospital premises. The system can also identify which exit of the building was used to take the baby out of the hospital.

This is a measure that has been introduced to make mothers feel secure and provide a secure environment for mothers and their babies. This will prevent random taking of babies, according to hospital staff.

Though this would be a rare occurrence, considering that this is a large hospital, with many exit points, this does make sense for a lot of people who may have reasons to be more security conscious than others since it can ensure that the baby is leaving the hospital only with an authorized person.

It is a system that is quite commonly used in the more urban or metropolitan areas, and is now being introduced to a more rural setting.


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