Do You Know About The Major Hidden Threats For Your Newborn Baby?

baby safeDon’t think that keeping your newborn baby safe is a biggest risk. It doesn’t need much work to keep your baby safe. At this small age, your baby can’t get into much trouble on his own.

Even prior to the arrival of your baby, you can know how to handle the hidden threats for a newborn baby.

Here are some threats which you should know:

Safe sleep:

Make your baby to sleep on his back and on a stiff mattress so that you can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Don’t allow the newborn baby to sleep on anything that is soft and cushy such as a pillow, comforter, push toy, or sheepskin.

It is better to get a humid sleeper or one-piece outfit. It is the safest alternative than choosing a blanket, which can get scrambled around the baby. Ensure that the mattress fit tightly in the crib so that the baby cannot get ensnared between the mattress and the side of the crib.

Also, the crib should not consist of any missed gaps or broken parts.

Safe diaper changing:

When you keep the baby on a changing table, he can roll off from the table if left unattended. Even though your baby is small, there is a great chance to slip from the changing table. So, it is better to buy the table that has safety straps or you can add straps.

You can avoid this risk by changing the baby on the floor itself using a blanket or extended cloth diaper as a changing cushion.

Safe bath:

Every mom thinks that a bath seat is a hand safety device, but it can also produce a wrong sense of security. Most of the babies have died after tilting over or falling out of the bath seat. It may be a sink or baby bathtub, never leave your baby unattended at least for a second [Tips for safe baby bath].

Tips for your baby safety:

Don’t keep heavy or delicate objects within your baby’s reach. Place the objects like ceramic figurines or picture frames away from the crib and changing table so that your baby cannot hammer them over.

Keep your baby’s furniture away from hazards. Place the changing table and cribs away from windows, hanging mobiles, and window cords in order to keep your baby safe from getting suffocated, tangled, or slipping out of the window.

Keep the unstable furniture safe. You need to ensure that unstable or tall furniture pieces are safely braced to the wall.


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